Lightening & Love (2017)

How electrifying they both can be..

& terrifying.

The feeling of anticipation as you wait for it to strike again.

You know that without fear, you would stare the lightening right in its face..

& marvel at its majestic power.

You would almost feel the feeling you feel when falling in love.

You're afraid because you know the damage it can cause.

& yet, the chills that you feel make it worth it.



Black Love (2016)

“A Blues for Nina” brings the memory of sweet melody.

Brown sugar so sweet, it’s a sin to eat.

And when I see roses, I get to jones’n

Love; a four letter word with so much to say.

And when it speaks, it’s words are poetic.

Justice saves the day.


Freed (2015)

I think I’ll just allow my mind to wonder.. for now.
I mean, what else can I do?
Empty thoughts provide shelter for doubt like the local motel 6.
Lost in the mix I’m found in your midst, cold.
Suffocated by a heavy mist; bold,
And full of lies.. or maybe just paranoia.
Of what could be when I am not.. Or we.
Could it be?
I am incarcerated by my thoughts,
A prisoner of my mind,
Enslaved by my contemplation,
Freed by your love.